• Board of Directors

The Board

The Verdala International School Foundation is a non-profit organization which operates VIS through a Board of Directors. The School’s Board is comprised of an appointee of the U.S. Embassy in Malta, an appointee of the Minister of Education of Malta, three elected parents, and two elected teachers. The Board is self- governing and may establish committees and/or enlist the assistance of others in fulfilling its function.

The Board is authorized to employ a Headmaster, set school policy, and approve and oversee the budget of the school. It is responsible to the members of the Foundation and must convene at least one General Meeting annually at which it reports on the activities and finances of the Foundation. The General Meeting elects the parent representatives to the Board.

The Headmaster of the school is an ex-officio (non-voting) member of the Board. He/she is responsible for the administration of the school, making recommendations relating to policy and budget, and preparing reports and providing other forms of assistance which the Board may require.

The Verdala Board is currently composed of:

 Ms. Corinne Borg  Staff Director
 Ms. Kristina Depasquale  Staff Director
 Dr. Monica Binder  Parent Director / Board Chair
 Mr. Luan Cuffe  Parent Director
 Mr. Filip Monfort  Parent Director
 Mr. Carlos Plazas  Representative of Government of the United States of America
 Dr. Jacqueline Vanhear  Representative of the Maltese Government

If you would like to contact the Board of Directors, please e-mail board@verdala.org.