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Our Pre-Kindergarten 1 and Pre-Kindergarten 2 classes are for children who are 3 and 4 years old by August 31st in the year they enroll. These are reception years where the children learn the basics of literacy and numeracy in a warm and caring environment.

This half-day programme focuses on:

  • social skills

  • developing vocabulary through relevant themes

  • pre-reading skills

  • basic math skills of number recognition, sequencing, patterning, etc.

  • arts and craft

  • music

  • fine and gross motor skill development

  • creative play

Parents have the option of selecting a full-day of schooling for their Pre-Kindergarten student.  These children follow the identical morning programme; however, they stay at school for lunch which is followed by “quiet time”.  The remainder of the afternoon is a combination of creative play activities which emphasize the development of each child’s personal skills and their ability to work co-operatively with others.