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Our Guiding Statements

Our Vision

To be the international school of choice, celebrating diversity, empowering and inspiring future generations.

Our Mission

At VIS we strive to ensure that all of our students become knowledgeable, inquisitive and ethical contributors to our world.

VIS Anti-Discrimination Policy

 As an international school, we expose students to the diverse world around them and celebrate different cultures. We celebrate diversity by ensuring that all members of the school community regardless of ancestry, culture, ethnicity, sex, physical or intellectual ability, race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, or other factors – are welcomed, included, treated fairly, and respected. Teachers are encouraged to provide students with a variety of opportunities to learn about diversity and different cultures.

We value people’s right to express views and opinions in a respectful manner, however, discrimination on any basis is unacceptable.

The anti-discrimination policy, will apply for all issues related to school life, including but not limited to: teaching and learning; facilities and access to them; guidance and counselling; and on all our community interactions.

All members of the VIS community, including Board Members, Leadership team, staff, students and parents, are expected to respect this policy, which is aligned with the VIS Inclusion policy.

Our Educational Philosophy

  • To prepare our students to be ready for tomorrow’s world by encouraging learning through inspirational education using 21st century learning methods.
  • To create a unique environment where each student can grow and discover their true potential.
  • To promote an enquiring mind with a thirst for knowledge.
  • To embrace diversity in our multi-cultural society.
  • We trust that a caring inclusive community will help build a sense of self-worth and a profound respect for others.

Our Student Profile


Students at VIS have an understanding of concepts, ideas and issues across a broad range of disciplines with global and local significance.


Students at VIS participate in their learning by exploring a variety of situations with courage and an open mind. They are reflective and appreciate diverse points of view.


Students at VIS act with integrity and honesty. They demonstrate a strong sense of justice and fairness by respecting individuals, communities and the environment.


Students at VIS actively pursue opportunities to contribute responsibly to their local and global communities.