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School Transportation

The Maltese Government provides free transportation to students in compulsory education. Parents/Guardians wishing to avail themselves of this free transportation service, on behalf of students, are to apply through the CO-OP Services Ltd website at www.maltacoop.com and submit the online form.

Once the student is eligible and accepted for this service and allotted a place on a CO-OP van VIS is no longer responsible for the student or part of the chain of command. The student is then the responsibility of CO-OP and any concerns or complaints are to be sent directly to CO-OP on info@maltacoop.com. However, VIS will continue to do its utmost to support parents as much as it can.

The free transportation system is only available to students from Kindergarten to grade 10

(Pre-K students can only use this service if accompanied by an older sibling).

Grade 11 & 12 students are not eligible for this service and should be prepared to make their own transport arrangements.

COVID 19 Changes

The bus CO-Operative adheres to all Public Health Authority COVID-19 regulations and recommendations which include:

  • Frequent sanitization of all vehicles
  • All drivers are required to wear masks
  • Students are not permitted to change bus routes for any reason
  • Students must wear masks at all times during the journey

Parents/Guardians should also be aware :

  • No Playdates (students cannot hop on a bus and join a friend)
  • No dropping off at a different location
  • If a student’s address changes - parents have to re-register with CO-OP

We are assured that all transport vehicles which will be used for the scheme, are compliant and approved by the National Competent authority, Transport Malta to carry school children and Transport providers are also GDPR compliant.