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Welcome from the High School Principal

Mr. David Miles

Welcome to the VIS High School. We are proud of our diverse community of learners, with members from nationalities and cultures from all around the world. We are a welcoming, inclusive, and caring community; seeing the uniqueness of each individual as something to be valued and respected, and an opportunity for discovery and learning. We appreciate our differences while at the same time working to understand our similarities.

English is our medium of communication and instruction but we value the presence of a very wide range of languages amongst our school community and strongly encourage all families to invest time and energy in maintaining their home languages. Wherever possible we support students in developing these language(s) to a high level.

We seek to enable each student to grow and discover their true potential. We strive to ensure that learning is inspiring and that students develop confidence and a strong sense of self-worth. We integrate technology into teaching and learning, and focus on learning how to learn so that students are empowered to take personal ownership of their learning. Through activities ranging from traditional academic learning to personally challenging community service projects which engage with local and global issues, we enable students to become knowledgeable, inquisitive and ethical contributors to school life and to the wider community.

Graduates from VIS leave with an accredited US High School Diploma. Our international curriculum includes CIE and Edexcel IGCSE courses and the International Baccalaureate Diploma. We are proud of the good results our students achieve in these programmes, and we aim to develop in them the personal and social skills that make them desirable candidates for further study institutions. As a testament to the hard work of our students, teachers and parents; VIS graduates enrol in many top universities around the globe.

I hope you find the information on our website and elsewhere online useful. If you want to learn more, we look forward to the opportunity to meet you.