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Welcome from Principal

Mr. David Miles

Welcome to the VIS High School. With nearly 30 different nationalities and almost as many languages represented within our HS student body, we are proud of our inclusive, internationally- and open-minded environment in which everyone has the opportunity to grow and discover who they are and the wealth of opportunities that exist for them in today’s ever-changing global community.

On a personal basis, my family has roots in two cultures, we have experience living in various countries around the world, and through our extended family we have links to several other cultures. Because of these experiences, we value the special nature of international education which foments an appreciation both for our own cultures and those of many others. The IB’s mission culminates with “… who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.”, and this multi-faceted understanding and perspective of the world is something I value highly, both personally and professionally.

At VIS, we are “developing knowledgeable, inquisitive and ethical contributors to our world.” To this end, we offer strong academic programs (the IGCSE and the IBDP) that are both challenging and rewarding for students. But we recognise that academic learning is only one aspect of learning, and we therefore offer a range of extracurricular and community service opportunities throughout the High School which give students the opportunity to engage in meaningful activities through which they impact on the world around them. They truly become “contributors to our world”.

Through a holistic approach to their educational experience, students have the opportunity to earn a Cambridge International Certificate of Education, the VIS High School Diploma, and the International Baccalaureate Diploma. As a testament to the hard work and dedication of our students, teachers, and parents, VIS graduates matriculate in many top universities around the globe.

Our multicultural and multilingual environment is underpinned by our school’s vision and mission as well as the missions of the International Baccalaureate and Cambridge International Examinations. Though English is the main language of instruction, VIS encourages mother tongue development and many of our students obtain a Bilingual IB Diploma. We are proud of our diversity and the connections we make with our host country of Malta.

By developing a partnership with students and parents we work to help all students fulfil the objectives set out in our VIS Student Profile. We see education as a joint project in which our students are the active participants with teachers and parents providing support and guidance as they discover their world, they engage in exciting and meaningful learning, and they work towards understanding their true potential.

After passing through the gate, crossing the bridge over our moat, and seeing students, teachers, and other staff going about their daily activities, visitors to our campus often comment on the warm and welcoming feeling given off by our community. Our activity is purposeful and driven by our vision “to be the international school of choice, celebrating diversity, empowering and inspiring future generations”.

I hope you find the information in our website and elsewhere online useful. If you want to learn more, we look forward to the opportunity to meet you.