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Graduation 2022

The Class of 2022 had a lovely graduation ceremony. This exceptional cohort of learners were resilient and persevered through the very challenging Covid 19 pandemic these last few years. They adapted to challenging academic and social circumstances and worked hard to achieve success in their respective curriculum programs. The culmination of four years of dedication, fond memories, and embracing change resulted in a special graduation ceremony. Best of luck to the Graduating Class of 2022 in their future pursuits, and they are always welcome back as VIS Alumni.

Congratulations to the 2022 Awards Recipients:

ECIS Award for International Understanding - Joudy Alsawari

IB Learner Profile Award - Nina Olsen-Kullenberg

VIS Student Award - Maya Abela

Citizenship Award - Rana Alosta

CAS Award - Huong Ly Nguyen

Head of School Award - Maria Cassar Torregiani

Valedictorian - Ahmed Al-Sadi

Salutatorian - Maria Cassar Torregiani

It was an honor to have Mr Frank Keurhorst, Ambassador to the Netherlands, as our Commencement Speaker for the May 2022 Graduation ceremony. He shared insightful and thoughtful words with our Graduates, through stories from his past and advice from being an accomplished diplomat.