• HS Counselling v.1

Welcome from the College Counsellor

Ms. Colleen Currie

Welcome to the latest edition of the High School College Counselling handbook, a resource outlining the support  services given to our High School community throughout the last four-year journey prior to university. 

What follows provides a window into the life of the College & Career Counselling Department, with milestone guidance from the entry into Grade 9 to the leaving of Grade 12 students, who head out into the world, ready to contribute to it. 

Applying to universities both locally and internationally is an exciting and revealing experience which gives students a chance to look at who they are, what they value, and what they might want to do with their life. 

Whilst the application process can in itself be a daunting, demanding and time consuming series of events, University & Career Counselling at VIS provides students and parents with a road map toward graduation and beyond. We at VIS pride ourselves on having attracted acceptances from world-class universities around the world. 

This guide is meant to assist students and parents on this journey, to support students in their search for self-discovery at VIS and beyond.

Click HERE to access the High School University & Careers Handbook 23-24.

Thanking you,

Ms. Colleen Currie

College & Career Counsellor