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Residency / Boarding

The school sponsored residence programme is for students in Grades 9 – 12, in the High School section of Verdala, and students have to be 14 -19 years old.

Verdala is primarily a day school but recognizes that, for a variety of reasons, some students may not be able to reside with their parents while attending school. Such students may apply for admission to our Residence Programme. This is designed to ensure proper pastoral care to such students; appropriate attention to monitoring their academic progress; and regular communication with the parents of the students in question.

 The Residence Programme outline is as follows: 

  • Accommodation is provided by Government licensed host families.

  • The families will have been approved by the school as suitable.

  • The host families will have agreed that their premises be inspected at regular intervals.

  • As “surrogate” families the hosts will have agreed a pastoral care role for the students they accommodate and will:-

      • Provide accommodation in their own house.

      • Provide a 7 day a week, fully inclusive, service.

      • Agree to school guidelines with regard to timings.

  • The host families sign a “Residence Agreement” with the school.

Residency Programme fees are due and payable for the full scholastic year prior to the arrival of the student. Residency Programme fees are non-refundable for withdrawal of students during any part of the scholastic year.  Residency Programme fees do not cover costs relating to any student remaining in Malta during the Christmas and Easter holidays. Students are expected to return home during these periods with no school at the cost of their parents or guardians. 

Resident students are expected to place a deposit of Euro 350 with the school which will cover possible damages and emergency medical treatment or travel costs. 

Parents wishing to have access to the Residence Programme will have to come to Malta at the time their son/daughter is admitted. They will meet  approved hosts and select which they feel most appropriate for their child/children. This allows the parents to establish any additional non-school parameters with the host family that they feel appropriate.

Fees for the residency programme can be found under the School Fees Menu to the left of this page.