• Admissions 2


We are moving mid-year, can my child start once the school year has begun?

Yes, students start at all times of the year, where we have availability. As an International school we operate rolling admissions to accommodate families that move at times that do not coincide with the start of our school year. This does not apply to our IBDP classes.

Once I apply for a place, is my child’s place guaranteed?

An application alone is no guarantee of a place. A place is only guaranteed once you have received an official acceptance letter from the school and you have completed the registration process in full, including payment.

If my child is not accepted is the administration fee refundable?

No, the administration fee is non-refundable.

What is your age cut-off date?

Our age cut-off date is August 31st.

Will the applicant need to be tested before being accepted?

As part of the application process, pupils applying to join Grade 3 or above are requested to sit our entrance assessment.  Applicants will be invited to sit their assessment by the Admissions Team, which normally occurs when a space becomes available.  Prior preparation is not required, and the assessment is in multiple choice format, requiring the use of a computer with internet access.

If my child does not speak English, can I still apply?

If your child is applying for Pre-Kindergarten 1 to Grade 2 classes, an English proficiency test is not required. Students applying for Grades 3 -12, whose mother tongue is not English or who have not been using English as their primary academic language will be asked to complete an English proficiency test, which they must pass.  Please refer to our English language support link by clicking here

What is the class size?

Pre-Kindergarten 1, Pre-Kindergarten 2 and Kindergarten classes have 16 students. Grade 1 to Grade 4 have 18 students and Grade 5 to Grade 12 have 20 students per class.

Do you have a summer school / camp?

VIS is closed over the summer for maintenance and renovation, therefore we have no summer programs.

Do students wear a uniform?

Our students do not wear a uniform.

Do you offer a special needs program?

As an inclusive school where possible we do admit students with special requirements, and offer a range of modifications and assistance to students with specific learning difficulties. However, admission is based on whether we have the resources (eg. staffing, facilities) to support their requirements. As with all our applicants an assessment is completed by our Inclusion Coordinator and for this we will require reports and / or IEPs.  Each admission is reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and takes into account how many students are already in the grade requiring additional support.  VIS does not currently have the capacity to support children with intense learning disabilities.

Does my child need to be toilet trained for Pre-Kindergarten?

Yes, students applying for Pre-kindergarten must be fully toilet trained before the first day of school. (no diapers / nappies).