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Welcome to the Middle School at VIS, serving our internationally diverse school community comprised of nearly 50 nationalities. Middle School marks the beginning of Secondary, and focuses on establishing firm foundations of skills, knowledge and understanding that will serve our students well in their future.

The Middle School years are a time for students to leave behind them the protections of Elementary, and we provide a space for them to explore, to challenge preconceptions, to develop their sense of self and their awareness of others. Our International Middle Years Curriculum provides a structure in which they can focus on Big Ideas, those timeless concepts which facilitate connections between different areas of knowledge.

These critical years are important for the development of self-esteem and life-long attitudes towards learning and relationships. By developing a partnership with students and parents we work to help all students fulfil the objectives set out in our VIS Student Profile. We see education as a joint project in which our students are the active participants with teachers and parents providing support and guidance as they discover their world, they engage in exciting and meaningful learning, and they work towards understanding their true potential.

Our caring and structured environment ensures that students can take risks with their learning, that they can fail and get up again, learning each time and growing in confidence. We challenge them to stretch themselves, to try new things and to get involved, and in doing so they develop the academic and social skills they will need to deal with increasingly complex issues on a global scale.

I hope you find the information in our website and elsewhere online useful. If you want to learn more, we look forward to the opportunity to meet you.

Sarah Boylin
Secondary Principal