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Verdala International School believes that the IB Diploma programme (IBDP) is the best educational experience for students aged 16-18.

The IBDP was created in 1968, and has been offered at Verdala International School since 1995.  It is a rigorous college-preparatory programme of studies that culminates in a three-week period of examinations at the end of two years.  With a criterion-referenced assessment system, the IB student’s performance is measured against defined levels of achievement.  This has earned the IBDP a reputation for being a demanding and rigorous, but excellent preparation for university work. There are over 2000 schools in more than 130 countries that are members of the (IBO) International Baccalaureate Organisation.

Having said that, the IBDP is more than just a qualification.  It stresses international understanding and encourages an academic experience that emphasizes critical thinking, intercultural understanding, and exposure to different ideas. It provides students of different linguistic, cultural and educational backgrounds with the skills necessary for the adult world. In fact, at the heart of the IBDP is a Learner Profile that encourages students to be reflective, open-minded, balanced, caring, principled, knowledgeable, inquirers, thinkers, communicators and risk-takers. This fits in well with our Verdala Student profile of knowledgeable, inquisitive, ethical contributors.

The IB Diploma requires students to sit for a broad range of subjects including Languages, Social Studies, Sciences, Mathematics and the Creative arts.  Apart from breadth, it also allows for a more in-depth study of some subjects as students take three subjects at Standard level and three at Higher Level.  The combination of subjects allows students to learn how to research, analyse, and apply information.  The relationship between these disciplines is emphasized by a course on Theory of Knowledge which explores critical reflection on the knowledge acquired in their different disciplines.  Students also participate in CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) as well as experience personal research under appropriate guidance when they write their Extended Essay. More details on the diploma programme at Verdala is found in the Handbook of the IB at VIS.

The IBDP is recognised by universities and colleges around the world and many top universities make a point of recruiting IB diploma holders. University Admissions tutors regularly support the claim that the IB provides the best preparation for university and the world of work.  In 2011, the Higher Education Statistics Agency conducted research on the success rates of IB students and concluded that IB students were more likely to achieve a first-class honours degree and were twice as likely to study medicine and dentistry.

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