• IBDP 2023

As an inclusive school, we are proud of the IBDP results achieved by our Class of 2023. This group was determined to reach their goals and they worked hard over the two years in order to be prepared for their final exams.

The results they have achieved were a true reflection of their efforts and abilities.  Our highest overall points scored this year was 45, with 9% of candidates scoring in the 40+ range. We celebrate a 90% pass rate for candidates registered for the full IB Diploma. The average score for VIS students was 33 points which stands at 3 points above the IB world average.

Students from the Class of 2023 will be pursuing gap years and study programmes in various disciplines: Computer Science, Architecture, Accounting & Finance, Biochemistry, Business Administration & Management, Marketing, Dentistry, Sailing the world, Hospitality, Fashion Business, Economics, International Law, Neuroscience, Film, Computational Physics, International Business, Communication and Media,  Psychology, Sports Management. Some are off to complete military service, while others have embarked into the world of work.