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Grade 9 - Graden  Project

IG students will be able to develop awareness of needs in VIS and Malta’s community; and address those needs through service and experiential learning.

IG students will be able to participate in sustained and in-depth inquiry, leading to service as action in the community

Learning Goals

As a result of ‘meaningful and purposeful’ participation in the CSIG Project, learners will develop the important skills, attributes, and understandings necessary to achieve the following LOs.

  • Demonstrate confidence in working with information and ideas – their own and those of others
  • Demonstrate responsibility for themselves; as well as a responsiveness to and respect of others
  • Demonstrate innovation and being equipped for new/future challenges
  • Demonstrate intellectual and social engagement, ready to make a difference


In order to assess student engagement and level of achievement in all assigned learning goals, all Grade 9 students are expected to consistently reflect on their experiences in their CSIG journals.


The Grade 9 class will be responsible for the school community organic garden. In collaboration with local partners and the DP CAS student garden team, the grade will work to produce and sell fresh vegetables and maintain a workable outdoor area for the school community.

The Grade 9s will also have the opportunity to participate in local field trips. 







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