• HS - IB

Despite the challenges faced during this examination period, our our IB Diploma students achieved strong results as usual. Our highest overall point score this year was 44, with 15% of candidates scoring in the 40+ range, and we were very happy with particularly strong results in the Extended Essay and TOK. The average points total for all candidates was 33.2, and for those who were awarded the Diploma the average was 36 points.

Students from the Class of 2019 have gone on to study at universities across the world including UCL, Kings College, and Leicester in the UK; Leiden, Eindhowven and Erasmus in the Netherlands; and others in the US, Italy, Spain, Malta and elsewhere. Alumni are majoring in: Medicine, Criminology, Dentistry, Fashion Design, History, Engineering, Architecture, English, Applied Mathematics, Film, International relations, Physics, Psychology, Business Management, Law and Biomedical Sciences.

IB Diploma Exam Statistics

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